Cultural Charm Film Culture Festival

“Cultural Charm” is a image transmission plan with the documentary film Cultural Charm as the main body,
including two themes of “Brazil・Poem of Love” and “Root of China”.


With the deepening of strategic cooperation between China and Brazil, the political, economic, scientific and technological, cultural exchange and that in other fields are increasingly frequent. The two countries are remote and of different cultures. In order to remove the poor understanding and even misunderstanding between the two countries, the documentary films and images are the most effective cultural transmission methods. We hope to organize the scholars and artists to conduct cultural research and create documentary films in the opposite party country as well as develop academic discussion, cultural lecture and exhibition, etc. between the two countries, to make it the platform of multi-field exchange between two countries and the window for further deepening of mutual understanding, which thus deepens the knowledge and understanding of the enterprises of two countries on the other country’s market to look for new investment opportunities.


Documentary film

With the themes of Root of China and Brazil・Poem of Love, the Chinese and Brazilian scholars and artists are invited to research local culture and take documentary images in other countries. A symbolic culture is selected every year from January to February in China of single year and in August in Brazil of biennial.

Books and vedio discs

Modern image collection technique is adopted to retrieve typical pictures of documentary film to make large format film atlas. Meanwhile, the documentary image materials are used to be compiled into vedio programmes and made into vedio discs. Root of China series are published in Brazil, and Brazil・Poem of Love series are published in China.

Film culture festival

With the documentary film compiled from the records taken the previous year as the main body, the background cultural elements of the main body the film expresses are selected to hold film culture festival in the opposite party country, including performance, painting, photography, object, etc. Meanwhile, the scholars and artists of two nations are invited to hold academic discussion and theme lecture, which are held in China from January to February of single year and in Brazil in August of biennial.

Vedio network platform

With the content of the vedios compiled from documentary images and the theme lecture and academic discussion (documentary text) of the film culture festival, it is to establish “interactive platform of China and Brazil documentary films” and initiate extensive discussion. The images and texts of this platform adopt Creative Commons non-free culture license.

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巴西聯邦政府文化激勵法令(LEI Nº 8.313/91)

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