Project History

In year 2000, Chinese picture photographer Zhang Yanjun proposed to take the documentary film Cultural Charm in St. Paul of Brazil, with the aim to describe the power of culture. (Brazil is a country of immigrants, which is the biggest melting furnace of immigration in the world, and the cultural contest between races is expressed in every details of people’s life. The most effective way for the disadvantageous groups to free themselves from their positions is to develop their culture, which is very difficult to realize.)

From May, 2002 to June, 2005, the couple of Zhang Yanjun led Brazilian attaches to take the documentary film Cultural Charm by means of “Image Travel”. In order the seek the source of Brazilian culture, they reached the first city of Brazil-Cannes ney, and subsequently, the largest wetland Pantanal in the world through the city of Germany-Blumenau.

From December, 2005 to May, 2006, Zhang Yanjun took the documentary film Showplace in the mountain areas in southwest of China. The showing of this film in Brazil directly brought “Envoy Mission of Brazilian National Culture” of eleven people to visit China in year 2007, so as to inspect the place where the documentary film Showplace was taken.

In May, 2010, the Ministry of Culutre of China approved the project establishment for Cultural Charm, including the holding of “Film Culture Exhibition of Cultural Charm-Brazil•Poem of Love” and inviting Brazilian scholars and artists to come to China to take Root of China.

In June of the same year, the Latin American Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Science invited Zhang Yanjun and Xiao Linjie (Resource Magazine) to become members of council of “Brazil Research Center”.

In August, 2011, Resource Magazine, China Documentary Research Center and Shaanxi Normal University General Publishing House Co., Ltd. held “Cultural Charm-Brazil•Poem of Love Film Culture Exhibition” in art gallery of Xi’an. During this period, China Documentary Research Center, Research Center, Shaanxi Normal University General Publishing House Co., Ltd. signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement respectively with Resource Magazine. Subsequently, Shaanxi Normal University General Publishing House Co., Ltd. signed Project Implementation Agreement.

In November of the same year, CCTV (International Channel), and Travel Channel (Traveler Column) signed Programme Designing Agreement with Resource Magazine respectively.

Today, Cultural Charm develops from a documentary film into a large China and Brazil cultural exchange project jointly implemented by several organizations integrating academic exchange, multi-media publication, film culture festival and vedio network platform.

familia zhang


Every member has their extraordinary experiences. For the objective, we make unremitting effort!

The members grow from the couple to four members. We had ten years of image travel in Brazil, 160 thousand kilometers, 200 thousand pictures and over 6 thousand hours documentary images. We are a happy family, because every member has his own dream.

Yanjun Zhang is a Chinese photographer traveling in Brazil, journalist and activist of NGO cultural activities. He is the presidnet of BOA Center. The Long March Soldiers portrait photo album taken by him is the final image archive of China’a Long March. He also created Resource Magazine (RevistaRECURSO) and Editora Recurso, who is the founder of the project of Cultural Charm.

Linjie Xiao is a Chinese cultural collector traveling in Brazil, cultural producer and communicator. She is dedicated in researching the cultural comparison and integration of different races, who is the editor and writer and director of St. Paul “China Theme Carnival” and also the music editor and narrator of the documentary film Cultural Charm.

Link Zhang, Brazilian, was born on the route of taking the documentary film Cultural Charm. He has been using the camera to shoot what he see in the world since two years old. He began to act as an accompanying translator from five years old, and began to dub the documentary film from nine years old. The representative work is the documentary film “Travel in January” (Viagem em Janeiro).

Viviana Zhang, Brazilian, was born in St. Paul. She began to write and sing herself from two years old, and began to take pictures with the camera from three years old, and accompany to explore in Pantanal wetland as the youngest person. The representative work is the documentary film Traversing with the theme song of “Hometown” (Cio da Terra).

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This project set up by Editora Recurso!

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